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Welcome to Collected Works!

„Collected Works“ is a group-exhibition about visual art, music, literature and more. The works shown at „Collected Works“ are made by different people from the area around Hildesheim. The intention of the exhibition is to show the diversity and to increase the visibility of artistic works and people in the region.

We aspire to create a space for sharing culture and social.

Everybody can join!

Regardless of your socioeconomic, education, gender, sexual orientation, religion, corporeal, mental or spiritual attributes which make you unique and precious - 

We are happy to welcome you!

We would ask you to respect the local measurements to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.


When: From the 1st of Dezember until the 3rd of january 2021

Where: Hoher Weg 23, Hildesheim city center

00:00 / 52:14

Radio Tonkuhle Sendung: Wir stellen und vor (30.11.2020) 

Danke an Radio Tonkuhle und Thomas Muntschick

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